Everyone today wants to get a nice cold cup of healthy juice. Not many people know, or think, that the juice can sometimes be bad for them, for both their health and for their valet. The juicers are a good way to get tons of vitamins and minerals into your body, however you also have to be aware of the fact that juicers convert tons of food into a glass of fresh juice which even though looks amazingly healthy could also be a bomb for your body that it can’t take all at once.

The juicers will convert 5 apples and 3 bananas with 4 mangoes into a nice 2 glass juice which as refreshing as it is, still has so much sugar in it, that you would not be able to eat on your own in the next 30 seconds that it would take you to drink those two glasses. This high amount of sugar intake for such a short time can be bad for your health and before you start juicing everything you need to be aware of a few things that you have to respect when it comes to juicing

Juicing won’t cleanse your body of toxins

Detoxify-your-bodyPeople usually get into juicing because they heard that it’s the only healthy way to detoxify your body. If you believe that your body is going to get rid of all the bad toxins just because you started drinking healthy homemade juices, you are dead wrong. The liver and kidneys constantly cleanse your body and detoxify it. If they start malfunctioning you are in trouble, but until they do, nothing you start consuming will help you cleanse more. If you want to detoxify, stop poisoning yourself, for instance, stop drinking alcohol. That will give your kidneys and liver a much easier time when they start removing toxins from your body.

Juicing is expensive

Value-And-PriceJuicing is not something that you can just decide to get in because it’s healthy. Everyone can wish to be healthy, but the fact of the matter is not a lot of people have the money to eat and drink the healthiest things. Juicing is one of those things where you have to be prepared to drop a few bucks if you want to implement it into your normal daily life. For instance, when you go shopping, you will now spend 50% more money on vegetables and fruits. And don’t forget that once you decide to go buy the juicer, you will have to spend a few hundred bucks as the machines are not cheap.

Expect to invest tons of time

While everyone thinks that juicing will take 5 minutes tops, the fact is that it will usually take several hours of your week. If you want to juice every day at least once, that would take you anywhere between 20-30 minutes. As you have to cut the fruit place it in the machine and wait till there is enough juice. Also, don’t forget that every machine needs to be cleaned, so there are another 10 minutes of preparation added to your first thought.