Some Things That You Should Consider Before You Buy A Juicer

Some Things That You Should Consider Before You Buy A Juicer

Juicing has been a long talked about health benefit that almost made it into every home in the early 80’s and mid 90’s. The craze was that you can get all the nutritional value of consuming all the fruits and veggies you normally could not as you would need to have over 10 meals a day to eat all of that. However, there were also negatives that needed to be taken into consideration.

For instance, all the sugar intake that would be avoided during eating as the sugar would build up over time and tell your brain that you have had enough. If you were to just drink juice you could chug down a liter or two before you could start feeling full. Having that much sugar in your blood in an instant that it takes to drink it is bad by the way, and we are not advising you to start juicing everything during your whole day, just that in the morning healthier things like drinking an orange juice can actually help you wake up faster and better than you could when you drink a cup of coffee for instance.

When you decide to get into the juicing world, you also have to have some knowledge beforehand as most people usually go into something without lots of knowledge and they then later start learning. This can be fine and dandy when it’s something not related to your health if it is related to your health than it’s smart to know things before you start doing them. So, let’s list some things that we think are detrimental as knowledge for any future juicer.

Juice more vegetables than fruit

Vegetable JuicesMost people want to buy a juicer so they can start converting sweet fruit into healthy juices. The thing is this much sugar intake can be bad for your health. If you want to start your day with a nice fresh juice that is fine, however, don’t think juicing all day every day will make you healthy, at least not when you are juicing with fruits. If you want to juice your way to a healthier life, juice vegetables as they are not full of natural sugars, but in fact of the things, your body needs more.

Juicing is good for weight loss but only when regulated

Juicing can help with weight loss, but not if we juice every time we get back from a workout. If you want to lose weight and still get your vitamin dosage from the juicer only dose your juicing with fruits once a day. If you want to juice with veggies than you are fine, but be careful of the calorie intake either way.

You still need to eat

While juicing can sometimes look like a healthy meal as all the nutrients come from your vegetables or your fruit, it should not replace a full meal. Having a nice diet and balanced will help you have a healthier life more than relying on the juice and its power.