Masticating juicers – The preservation of the nutrients is the right choice

Masticating juicers – The preservation of the nutrients is the right choice

If you are into nutrition and freshly extracted juice from fruits and vegetables, it would be good for you to know that the masticating juicers are the best for the task. Since it has been proven that the masticating juicers are all about the preservation of the nutrients, now is the right time to pick the right one for your home. Various juicers of this type have different features so it would be good to go through some reviews.

The most important thing to know is that the masticating juicers can easily outperform and outlast the centrifugal ones so you cannot go wrong with any of these products. Depending on what you really need, you can choose the right type of a juicer that will make a fine addition to your kitchen and home. These machines are of the highest quality and they were built to last for a very long time, be durable and strong and always perform splendidly.

freshly squeezed juiceThe right juicer depends on your lifestyle as well. If you just occasionally need a glass of freshly squeezed juice, you will certainly not spend a lot of money on a high-quality machine that you do not even use.

But, if you prefer this kind of a diet and fresh juice is a part of your everyday diet because you do pay attention to your nutrition, then you most definitely need a durable and strong machine that will compliment your lifestyle.

The important features when choosing a juicer

No one wants a juicer that is too loud. The quieter it is, the better it is. Of course, you will need a juicer that is fast too. Speed and quality usually do not go hand in hand but, the latest technology has given us many incredible achievements. The same goes for the simple juicers and blenders.

The parts that are safe for the dishwasher are also important. Also, the size is very important since you have to keep it somewhere. The masticating juicers are not so fast but they are quieter and much easier for cleaning.

Masticating juicer tends to produce much less mess than the centrifugal one and that makes it easier for cleaning up. They are versatile and flexible and good for preparing various fresh drinks.

They are also perfect for preparing of baby food since the babies need all the healthy nutrients from food and the masticating juicers are known for the preservation of the nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

There is one more good thing about the masticating juicers. They can certainly outlast the centrifugal ones. They are built to last and many serious juicers use this type of a machine because its performance is simply flawless.

They do cost more but they also last more. The nature of their juicing method makes them so much

Masticating juicers vs centrifugal juicers

Masticating juicers vs centrifugal juicers

Many of you probably never gave some thought to the notion of which juicer is better, the masticating one or the centrifugal. The truth is, they are not so different but, they have some certain differences. We are going to explore those differences furthermore today and see which one saves the day.

A lot of people are convinced that masticating juicers can easily outperform the centrifugal competition in almost every category. All over the world, people believe that masticating juicers yield much more juice and that they can extract and preserve more nutrients and the precious vitamins than the centrifugal ones.

Masticating juicers 1Our of many various types of juicers, the masticating and the centrifugal ones are the most common juicers that you can find in almost every home. The masticating ones are a bit more expensive than the other type but, they give you so much more from your fruit.

This is mostly due to the fact that the masticating juicer grinds the fruit into a rich pulp, where all the natural ingredients and nutrients are completely preserved as they are. This allows the juices to flow and enrich the taste.

The difference between the two types of juicers

The masticating action is performed at a low speed which actually helps the preservation of the nutrients. It is the most effective and efficient way of extracting the juice from fruits. This is completely opposite of what the centrifugal juicer actually does. The first type tends to grind fruit and food into a pulp that is enriched with the natural juices and nutrients and it does not mix them.

On the other hand, the centrifugal juicer tends to spin the food at high speed also grinding it into a pulp but, the pulp is a unique mixture of everything put inside of the juicer. This way of grinding does not actually preserve any of the nutrients but it rather helps the releasing of the sugar from the food. Since everything actually revolves around the taste and nutrition, the masticating juicers have a big advantage because the food simply tastes better.

If you really want to give your body some vitamins that it needs greatly along with the various enzymes and minerals, you will go with the masticating juicer. It gives a lot more to your body when it comes to the nutrition than the centrifugal one. The difference is this. The first type will give you a nutritious juice full of minerals and vitamins while the other will just give you a pulpy juice of a mixed taste.

If you’re into a more flavored taste of your natural juice that is swarming with healthy minerals and vitamins, it would be recommended that you buy the masticating juicer because it is the only type of a product that can give you and your body exactly what you need. Lack of nutrition is not good for your health, especially if you are into sports so that is why.

The Main Differences Between Centrifugal Juicers And Cold Press Juicers

The Main Differences Between Centrifugal Juicers And Cold Press Juicers

So, you heard about the amazing health benefits that you can get from juicing up your vegetables and your fruits, but you are not sure which one should you get. The juicing market has tons of products on offer and almost all of them are the same in the sense that they do get the job done. However, all of them have a different style and method of doing the same job, and therefore they will produce significantly different results. To understand what is the difference between the Centrifugal juicers and the cold press juicers we will first have to explain them individually.

Centrifugal-JuicersCentrifugal Juicers

These are the juicers you will most commonly see in restaurants and in most homes, as they are fast when it comes to their performance and produce a juice with the least amount of pulp. Since some people don’t enjoy pulp in their juice this is also a highly sought out machine when it comes to the juicing world. For this reason, you will usually see the centrifugal juicers more present than the cold press ones in the restaurants and cafes.

To delve inside the juicer for more detail we will notice that it also has a different build inside of it compared to the cold press. The centrifugal juicer works by extracting juice by grinding and pulverizing the vegetables and fruits to small bits that can easily pass through its sharp blade and the filter. Due to this filter that is located between the blade and the outer pipe, where the juice is extracted from the machine, the pulp remains inside the juicer instead of going to the glass.

In short, the pros and cons of the centrifugal juicers are:


– Fast preparation of juices

– Cheaper

– Can fit and consume large chunks

– Does not mix pulp with the juice (for some this is a positive)


– Not good for juicing leafy vegetables

– Produces less juice

– Higher foaming

– Does not mix pulp with the juice (for some this is a negative)

Cold-Press-JuicersCold Press Juicers

Cold press juicers are much slower than the one mentioned above, and it can’t crush hard and big chunks like the former mentioned one can. However, due to these reasons, the cold press juicers can extract more juice as they literally squash the juice and pulp out of the product that is placed inside and it works wonders with extracting leafy vegetable juice. There are also many benefits to this type of juicing and some negatives, depending on what you are looking for. So, let’s list them:


– Can juice leaf type products

– Higher volume of juice production

– Minimal foaming

– Fairly quiet

– Higher pulp presence in the juice (for some this is a positive)


– Slow time of juice production

– Can’t take large chunks

– Much higher pulp presence in the juice (for some this is a negative)

As you can clearly see, even though they are both juicers they operate in a different way. Depending on which one your lifestyle needs we hope that this article has explained how they work and helped you make a conscious purchase.