Stop making juicing mistakes

Stop making juicing mistakes

Cold-press juicers have revolutionized juicing. The new technology brought a whole new world of healthy, nutritious and tasty juices to our homes. Your metabolism will thank you for all of those vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, to get the most out the produce your put into your juicers, you should follow a few tips. Many people unintentionally make mistakes when juicing and here we will tell you a bit more about the most common ones.

Tip 1: Lower the sugar content

detoxMany junior juicers make this common mistake. They put in way too much fruit with high sugar content like oranges and grapes. Fruit juice which contains a lot of fruit sugar, also called fructose, is not exactly a friend of your metabolism. It is a high-energy substance rich in calories, and it speeds up aging.

To lower the sugar content in your home-made juices, start buying more vegies than fruit. Green vegetables have a very low sugar content. IF you have issues with the taste, just add a little bit of lemon or lime juice.

Tip 2: Go green

Green vegetables are a densely packed source of all kinds of good stuff. Vitamins, minerals, fiber, chlorophyll, all of this detox and cleanse your body. Also, they greatly improve circulation and, very importantly, do not raise the sugar level in your blood as fruit sugars do. Our advice is to consider the fruit juice a weekend treat and your veggie juices a daily drink. We recommend Romaine lettuce juice.

Tip 3: Work out your timings

Drinking cold-pressed juices give best results when done on an empty stomach. This way your body can absorb the nutrients from the juice practically instantly, without having to digest previously eaten food. Also, you will spend less energy to digest the food. Of course, do not consider juice a complete meal, but it sure is a healthy treat. Get up just a little bit earlier than usually and treat yourself to a cold-pressed bundle of joy.

Tip 4: Drink your juice on the spot

Many people make a lot of juice on Monday, for example, and then drink the juice out of the fridge for the remainder of the week. This is not a good strategy because nutrients dissolve over time. You should drink the juice right away, just after you make it. You will get the best results this way. If you do not have the time every morning to prepare a fresh batch of juice and you have to use the fridge, at least use a dark and airtight container.

Tip 5: Don’t drink it up!

Most of the time you will see people gulping a glass of juice in a matter of seconds as if it is a bad-tasting medicine they need to drink. Instead, drink your glass of juice slowly, swirl it around in your mouth for a couple of times before your swallow. This way, your body will prepare for the juice and release appropriate digestive enzymes.

Fruits that we can use in a masticating juicer

Fruits that we can use in a masticating juicer

In the modern world full of diseases, people want to get that glimpse of hope that they could live a little better. Juicers are one of those hopes. By juicing fruits and vegetables, we can have a healthy meal full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This is a good example of how to start your day. Stress is present almost all the time throughout the day, and one of the ways to neutralize it is to detoxicate yourself with these delicious fruits. They are very healthy, and they are also very delicious. Combine that with a nice blend of juices, and you will have a nice day indeed.


FruitsIt is a fruit that is known to be delicious and very healthy. It is present in almost every combination when making fruit juices. You can drink it alone, or you can mix it with other fruit that is considered dry to be used in a juicer. That way you will have a nice aroma of that other fruit but with the richness and quantity.


This is also a good fruit that you can use in a juicer. It is rich with fibers, and it also tastes good. Apples have different varieties, and you can use them with a mix of other fruits. It gives you the sour taste combination if you like to use green apples or sweet combination if you like regular apples. Whichever apples you choose, you will have a nice juice. Apples are good for you intestines. They make them clean and cleared.


Lemon is similar to oranges. The difference is in the taste. It is very sour, and it is also very healthy. Sometimes a combination of sweet and sour will be the right one. If you can’t wake up, for instance, the taste of lemon will wake you up immediately. Try it, and you will see. It is full of vitamin C and all other minerals that are necessary for your everyday life. You can drink it as lemonade, or you can drink it like pure lemon. The point is that people usually combine it with other fruit because it is a way to sour. But some people even drink it in its pure form.


They are very sweet and very healthy. They are a little dry or at least drier than the fruits above mentioned, but you can still use them in a juicer. You will get a nice juice that is sweet and full of nutrients. If you want to combine it with other fruits, you will have a jackpot. Not only they are rich with fibers and vitamins, but they taste really good if you make a peach juice or you combine it with, for instance, apples or oranges. You will see that you will have beautiful juices and tastes with this fruit. It is a good idea to remove their skin when using it in a juicer since it is covered with something like little hairs.

What Are The Benefits Of Juicing For You And Your Family?

What Are The Benefits Of Juicing For You And Your Family?

People who want to add a bit of a juicing adventure and lifestyle into their normal lives have made a step in the right direction, at least according to science. While it is nice to eat healthily and exercise, sometimes we don’t have time for everything in our busy lives. For this reason, having a healthy but a fast meal is now more important than ever. However, to incorporate many different healthy fruits and vegetables into your daily eating habits can be hard, if not impossible. In situations like these, the juicers are a godly made machine that will help you achieve your goal without sacrificing anything of value, besides your wallet that is.

The most common question we hear is what are the health benefits of juicing and we will now answer them


Fresh juice is the best direct way to inject your body with the healthy dose of vitamins that you need.

Every time you go to the store to buy some juice that is “100% that fruit” consider that usually, that is not the case. While the juice that you buy at the store has the taste of that plant you bought, there are tons of preservatives inside that juice that ruin the healthy benefits of injecting said juice.If you want a healthy way of inserting a ton of vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream than the juice you can prepare at home is the way to go.

Juicing gives you the opportunity to expand your diet

While people want to eat healthily they sometimes can’t eat everything as they don’t have 2 stomachs. Juicers are the best way to consume all the ingredients you want and need without the need to spend tons of time eating them or several meals. You can just juice them and drink it in a glass or two with the same benefits as if you ate them.

Fresh juice has healthier and higher levels of minerals and other benefits

Green-juiceWhile buying things that are already prepared or going to the store to get some fruit are all healthy ways of living your daily lives, juicing lets you get everything in its freshest form. The amount of fruit that you buy sometimes can get spoiled as you can’t eat all the fruits within its normal life cycle. However, you can always have a nice cold glass of said juice as eating a kilo of banana is much harder than drinking a milkshake of the said kilo of bananas. Don’t waste your money by throwing the thing in the garbage can because you are forcing yourself to eat it all and still failing. Get a juicer and cut the eating needs by half while you still enjoy the same benefits.